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Going Against the Flow
Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 7:30am

Read | Psalm 62:1-6

A majority may rule in this world, but in your personal life, one Person rules--and that's God. It makes no difference if 10,000 people tell you what you ought to do. Once you have decided to follow the Lord, it's best to stand right where you are until you get marching orders from Him.

Does this mean we should never take godly counsel? Of course it doesn't. It simply means that when we know God hasn't said "Move," we should not yield to the temptation to please others by following their directives for us. In other words, while seeking scriptural advice, believers should also listen for the Holy Spirit's promptings and warnings. For example, when dealing with your children, you may sense there's a time to bring up an issue and a time to hold off (Ecclesiastes 3:7).

Sometimes, however, a fear of failure may discourage us from doing things God's way, making us think, What if things don't turn out the way we planned or we're ridiculed by our peers? But ultimately, we must ask ourselves whether we're going to listen to God or the world. Remember, you never have to fear failure when you obey the Lord. He's the one who intervenes in times of hardship. And He promises to act in behalf of the one who waits for Him. (Isaiah 64:4)

Remaining steadfast takes courage. That's why Paul said, "Be strong in the Lord," (Ephesians 6:10). All the pressure in the world can't make you budge when you trust the Rock upon which you stand. If you wait for God's guidance, you can act with complete confidence of a successful outcome.

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Belief beyond proof is faith. Belief in spite of proof is folly.

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