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Our Christian Faith
A Parent's Greatest Gift
By Preston H. Hazzard, Sr.

The greatest gift parents can give their children is proper biblical instruction about faith principles. Do your youngsters see godly precepts lived out in your words and choices? Parents are a child’s first spiritual advisors. However, if moms and dads do not instruct young people, someone else will. We absolutely cannot neglect our responsibility to train up our kids in the way they should go (Prov. 22:6).

Each person comes into the world as a “blank slate” that over time develops a belief system—a grid that filters everything the mind takes in. A child who has been prayed over and taught God’s ways will see the world as it truly is. But one who’s been programmed by secular culture or another religion will view life as he or she wishes it to appear—or through someone else’s tinted lens.

Pastors and Sunday school teachers can help to form a child’s grid, but they cannot do all the work. God placed the responsibility to teach children the things of God on the fathers, NOT on the local church.  It takes both a godly father and a godly mother to invest whatever time, patience, and love are necessary to grow boys and girls into godly men and women. Teach them biblical principles, talk about the Lord and His ways, and show them what a righteous life looks like by living one. In other words, be the kind of believer that you hope your child will become.

Sending a child into the world without a biblical foundation is like throwing him into a lion’s den without weapons or armor. Little ones cannot discern truth from error because their grid systems are immature. Parents must defend children’s minds against the world’s onslaught until they are ready to take over the challenge themselves.

   You WILL Reap What You Sow!

   What kind of Legacy are you leaving?


Preston, Sr.